Unlike course packages a & b, advanced courses are not intended to be taken all together at the same time. Each course operates independently of the others. Most courses are offered every second or third summer, so each year brings a different combination of options.

    • Ling 502: Acoustic Phonetics
    • Ling 503: Phonology II
    • Ling 504: Syntax II
    • Ling 505: Typology and Discourse
    • Ling 507: Special Topics: Language Documentation
    • Ling 507: Special Topics: Facilitating Participatory Development in Language Communities.
    • Ling 510: Semantics and Pragmatics
    • Ling 511: Translation of Texts
    • Ling 512: Sociolinguistic Methods in Language Survey
    • Ling 512L: Sociolinguistic Methods in Language Survey Lab
    • Ling 513: Tone Analysis
    • Ling 519: Introduction to Literacy Principles
    • Ling 530: Introduction to Writing Systems
    • Ling 534: Historical Linguistics
    • Ling 507 Special Topics: In some summers we offer other advanced classes on a one-time basis.

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