get ready for summer 2019! here are the courses we plan to offer

all of package a

all of package b

all of our signed language courses (except for Sign Language Translation)

our literacy megacourse (a 10-credit intensive program for which you can earn a graduate certificate)

the following advanced courses (see here for descriptions)

  • ling 504: typology and discourse
  • ling 507: lexicography
  • ling 534: historical linguistics
  • ling 510: semantics and pragmatics
  • ling 530: writing systems
  • ling 580: academic writing in linguistics
  • EITHER ling 536: language documentation OR ling 512: sociolinguistic survey (with the survey lab)

we are going to decide sometime in the spring whether we’ll offer language documentation or sociolinguistic survey–if you have a preference let us know soon!