Here are the courses we expect to offer in summer 2018

all of package a

all of package b

all of our signed language courses

the following advanced courses (see here for descriptions)

  • acoustic phonetics
  • phonology II
  • syntax II (role and reference grammar)
  • semantics and pragmatics
  • translation of texts
  • writing systems
  • facilitating participatory development in language communities (a new 1-credit course this year!)
  • academic writing in linguistics

To see how we plan to schedule them, see this page on our UND website.


and for the year after next

And if you’re planning way ahead, here’s our tentative list for 2019:

Literacy Megacourse, Package A, Package B, all of our Sign Language Linguistics courses (except Translation), Semantics and Pragmatics, Introduction to Writing Systems, Linguistic Tone, Typology and Discourse, Language Survey, Lexicography, Language Documentation, Academic Writing.