The literacy megacourse will help prepare you to become a literacy specialist. With this training, you’ll be able to assist a minority language community in developing its own multilingual education program. Graduate students who take this package can earn a certificate in community-based literacy.

So, what’s included? Lots: training in reading theory, three approaches to basic literacy, the theory and methodology of designing a range of pedagogical materials, principles of designing and testing a writing system, and an introduction to the full range of issues involved in designing and implementing a literacy program.

It does not require previous training in linguistics.

It is offered only in odd-numbered years at SIL-UND. (In even-numbered years, we offer an introductory overview course instead: Ling 519 Introduction to Literacy Principles.

The three main courses Ling 520, 521, and 522 are tightly integrated and must all be taken together. The fourth course, Ling 530, can sometimes be taken separately. (If you want to earn the Literacy Certificate, you need all four.)

  • Ling 520: Community-based Literacy
  • Ling 521: Literacy Program Planning and Management
  • Ling 522: Materials and Methods in Literacy
  • Ling 530: Introduction to Writing Systems

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