This is the core package of introductory courses that most students start with. They don’t require any background in linguistics. They provide a solid foundation for people who want to live and work in another language community, whether as researchers, educators, community-development workers, missionaries, or business-people. They’re also a great preparation for advanced study in linguistics.

You have a choice of two phonetics courses, one for spoken languages (Ling 450) and one for signed languages (Ling 455).  The other three courses in Package A (Ling 452, 470, and 480) deal with spoken and signed languages in the same class.

  • Ling 450: Articulatory Phonetics every summer!
  • Ling 455: Phonetics of Signed Languages every summer!
  • Ling 452: Syntax and Morphology every summer!
  • Ling 470: Intro to Sociolinguistics and Language Development every summer!
  • Ling 480: Learner-Directed Second Language Acquisition every summer!

On this website, we’ve described some courses informally. If you want the official descriptions, see the UND academic catalog.

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