what background do I need?

For the basic classes, it’s pretty, well, basic:

  • Two years of college or other post-high-school study
  • Minimum GPA of 2.75
  • College-level ability in English (For Deaf people: ASL and written English)

We can make exceptions in some cases, so if you’re interested, write the director and ask.

Most advanced classes, of course, have other prerequisites; see the course descriptions.

what are classes like?

If you like languages, they are fun, engaging, and challenging. All our courses put you in the driver’s seat to the world of linguistics.  Homework is challenging yet rewarding.  You get to work with real data that linguists have collected through the years.

Some classes are extremely hands-on. We provide native speakers of languages from around the world for you to learn from and to show you how this actually works.  In these courses, you will be collecting and analyzing the data.

how long does it take?

The summer program is just that, a summer.  We meet from early June to early August.  (That’s 9 weeks; check our dates page for more details.) While one summer will give you much knowledge about linguistics,  you will not know enough to have a masters.  The Master’s program typically consists of 4 or 5 summers.  Of course, if you aren’t going for your Master’s, then you can decide how many times you want to come back.

what can I do with it?

Our schooling trains you for several different occupations.  We have many training tracks to head you in a different directions.  These include, but are not limited to

  • working with minority language groups all over the world
  • translation
  • language research
  • language survey
  • building others in literacy
  • teaching and consulting
  • language advocacy
  • etc.

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