We welcome non-degree students. In a typical summer, about two-thirds of our students are not working on a degree at UND, with half of those being graduate students and half undergraduates.

Of course, you can transfer our credits to other universities. Many of our “non-degree” students actually use our unique courses as part of degree programs at other institutions.

Most of our MA students attended for a summer as non-degree graduate students before applying to join the MA program. We recommend this approach—it’s a great way to get to know SIL and UND’s Linguistics program before committing to an extended relationship with us. It also gives many students the opportunity to complete prerequisites for our MA program.

If you do go the non-degree graduate student route for a first summer, and then apply for the MA later on, you may be able to use some of the credits from your first summer as part of the MA degree program. (This depends on your situation; if you’re curious, contact our Director of Graduate Studies through UND’s website!)

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