Applying to SIL-UND is a four-step process, but it all starts with filling out our pre-application form so we can get familiar with your situation. (This includes all students, every year, even those who are pursuing a degree at UND.) Then, we can advise you on the details, but here is the process in broad outline:

  • Step 1: SIL-UND’s pre-application form
  • Step 2: Apply or re-apply to UND (or otherwise get set up in UND’s system)
  • Step 3: Practical stuff: Send us your plans for housing, travel, childcare, etc.
  • Step 4: Send us tuition and housing deposits

what are the requirements to take SIL-UND classes?

Normally, this is what we expect of our students:

  • A statement of purpose that matches what the program can provide. (We want to make sure we can meet your expectations.)
  • Two years of college, university, or other post-secondary study before the summer begins.
  • At least 2.75 GPA; 3.0 is better.
  • Sufficient command of English.

Exceptions are sometimes made; so if you’re not sure you qualify, contact the SIL-UND director.

Some students may have additional requirements; we’ll tell you about them after we get to know you in Step 1.

application dates

You can start applying as soon as the previous October 1; that’s when we have everything ready for you.

Deadlines vary depending on your circumstances, but in general, we recommend starting (submitting the Step 1 pre-application form) by these dates:

  • If you’re an international student, start early: start by January 15 if you want to apply for the M.A. or a certificate program, otherwise by February 15.
  • If you want financial aid from SIL-UND, start by March 15, and finish Step 4 by April 1.
  • If you want to apply to the M.A. program, start by March 15, and get your application into UND by April 15.
  • After May 1, you can still apply, but things get harder: we start charging late fees, we might not have housing for you, you’re limited in how (or whether) you can enroll, etc.

Full details on deadlines (i.e. the hard-and-fast rules, if you’re running late) are on the next page, when you start the application process.

ready to start the application process?

If so, we’re going to switch you over to UND’s website. Yeah, we know, you have to start by reading a lot more details about the stuff above, but it’s important for you to understand them! Please read them carefully to avoid problems later on.

Start by clicking here.