Here are details on what we expect to charge for Summer 2019.

Financial aid is available.

Please contact the SIL-UND Director for any questions concerning these charges.

typical charges for single U.S. full-time students

Costs are the same for in-state and out-of-state students, and for undergraduates and graduates.

UND application fee (paid to UND)
Tuition (10 credits)
Language tutor fee (certain courses)
Books and materials (estimates) $100-$180
Housing, meals, laundry 
UND ID card $20
Approximate total charges
Students in their first two summers usually have charges toward the upper end of this range, advanced students usually are toward the lower end.

If your situation is different from that of the typical single, U.S., full-time student, here are details to help you estimate what you’ll have to pay.

tuition and fees (details)

UND application fee
Payable to UND on first application or any change in registration status.
Tuition deposit (if not on staff)
Due by May 1 and credited toward total bill for tuition. Refundable if application is cancelled by May 1.
Required by April 1 to be eligible for financial aid.
The tuition bill is calculated in two parts, a “base portion” and a “variable portion”. The first part, the “base portion”, is charged to all students who are enrolled during the summer and are drawing on resources of the program, no matter how many credits they are enrolled for. It is also charged during any term in which an M.A. student defends their thesis. The second part, the “variable portion”, varies based on the number of credits and which courses a person is taking.

Tuition, base portion  $570
Tuition, variable portion (for most courses, flat rate for 6-10 credits) $1155
Tuition, variable portion (for most courses, for less than 6 credits or any credits over 10) $205 per credit
Tuition, variable portion (for Continuing Enrollment)
Flat rate, charged regardless of the number of credits, instead of the regular variable portion)
Language tutor fee
Charged in addition to regular tuition for Learner-Directed Second Language Acquisition or Field Methods; these courses are normally taken during the first two summers (as part of package a or package b).

housing, meals and laundry (details)

Anyone living in the residence hall is normally expected to participate in the dining plan. The hall does not have adequate facilities for people to cook for themselves. Those living outside the residence hall may still, if they wish, participate in the dining plan.

SIL-UND housing is a cooperative program, in which any non-staff adults and teens contribute approximately 1 hour of work per day cleaning in the residence hall or helping out in other ways, in order to keep program costs down. If you do not wish to participate in this program, please find housing outside the dorm.

Rates for housing include internet service, but not optional bedlinen and wired phone service.

Washing machine use is charged to all people living in the residence hall, and to anyone living outside who want to use the hall’s laundry facilities.

Housing deposit (if not on staff)
Credited toward the total bill for housing and meals. Due by May 1 to reserve space in the dormitory. After May 1, there is no guarantee of housing availability, but the sooner we receive the deposit, the higher a person will be on the priority list for dorm housing. Refundable if application is canceled before May 1.
per adult
Key deposit
Charged at the beginning of the summer and refunded when keys are returned.
$30 per outdoor key
$50 per room key
Students $1700
13-17 years $1700
6-12 years $815
2-5 years $530
0-1 years (normal charge) $260
0-1 years (with director permission, if sleeping in a room otherwise fully occupied with parents or older siblings) $0
Adults who are neither student nor staff
Housing for such adults requires permission of the SIL-UND director and can be provided only when space is available.
Meal plan only
For those living outside the SIL residence hall but eating in the dining room.

Students $1150
13-17 $1150
6-12 $575
2-5 $290
0-1 $0
Non-staff / non-student adult $1600
Laundry facilities (washers and dryers) $20 per person (including children) for the whole summer
Optional bedlinen packet
Most people bring their own instead.  Packet includes linens, blanket, towels. You need your own pillow. (Also your own teddy bear, if so inclined.) You wash them yourselves during the summer. Must be returned in good condition or there will be additional charges. 
approx. $15
Optional refrigerator rental approx. $25

Age of children for determining rates is determined at mid-summer (during the fifth week of classes).

For individuals with an approved reason for staying less than eight weeks, the above rates can be adjusted on a pro-rata basis.


1st child in family $660
2nd child in family $570
Additional children, per child $485


Late application fee
For applications completed after May 1, payable at time of registration.
Late registration fee
For non-attendance at orientation/registration session or registration after classes begin.
Pickup at the Grand Forks airport $10
Pickup at the Grand Forks train or bus station $5

charges by UND

The following charges are set by UND and payable either online or at the UND cashier’s office.  If these are not paid on time, UND may impose penalties such as holds on a student’s records or even cancellation of registration. (The following are for information only; UND may change its rates at any time. Please inform us of any inaccuracies.)

UND application fee
Payable at time of first application and in any year when a student’s registration status changes (e.g. undergrad to grad, nondegree to degree).
UND ID card (“U Card”)
Usable for more than one summer.
$20 for initial card
$15 for replacement
Parking fee approx. $40
Optional wired phone connection in dorm room
Almost everyone brings a cell phone instead.
approx. $44 setup
plus $21 per month
Health services
Student Health Services at UND will assess charges for visits to the University clinic; many insurance plans cover these charges. Private health care providers are also available nearby.
varies, based on service
Health insurance for international students
Required for students from outside the U.S. and Canada unless they qualify for a waiver. Due immediately after registration.
 approx. $455 for
mid-May to mid-August

Charges may change at any time up until the beginning of the summer session. Except as noted, all charges are payable to SIL at the beginning of the summer. Checks should be made out in US dollars to the “Summer Institute of Linguistics” or “SIL-UND”.  (In order to keep tuition and fees as low as possible, we do not accept credit cards.) For people in financial relationship with SIL or one of its affiliates, we can charge their SIL account on request.