SIL-UND strives to keep its costs low, in effect providing an automatic scholarship to everyone. If that’s not enough, here are some options for additional financial aid.

  • General scholarships (typically 30-70% of tuition): based on academic record, financial need, and commitment to work with local language communities. If interested, be sure to submit Step 1 of the application process by March 15.
  • Literacy scholarships (typically 50-80% of tuition), for students taking the Literacy Megacourse. Again, submit Step 1 of the application process by March 15.
  • “Training the trainer” scholarships: for those who will be teaching in similar training programs in other parts of the world. Contact the SIL-UND Director if interested.
  • M.A. finishing scholarships: awarded routinely to M.A. students at the end of their study program. Covers tuition for thesis and 3 other credits.
  • U.S. Federal student aid (FAFSA): for U.S. citizens pursuing a degree at a U.S. college or university. Contact the financial aid office at the school where you are getting the degree, to see if you can use aid through their office for summer study at SIL-UND.
  • Other sources: Look for other options yourself, such as independent scholarship funds, Americorps vouchers, GI Bill benefits, and payments from private individuals.

For more details on UND’s website, click here.

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