We’re located in Grand Forks, in northeastern North Dakota. Here’s how to get here by car. (You can also come by plane, train, or bus.)

In your GPS, try looking for “Smith Hall, 3333 University Ave, Grand Forks ND 58202”. Or, here’s a map and directions with up-to-date details that your GPS may not have.

If you’re driving, please plan to arrive between 9:00am and 9:00pm. If you’re delayed past 9:00pm, please make arrangements with a friend to let you in, or come the next morning.

You will be able to park in a UND parking lot near the residence hall. UND charges a parking fee (see our costs detail page) for the summer.

If you want to share a ride to Grand Forks with someone, we have a private, online ride board available. (See contact information to ask how to access it.)

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