Plan to arrive on the Saturday or Sunday before classes start. Check in happens from 9am to 9pm (if you’re driving). If you arrive by plane, train, or bus, please let us know beforehand so we can work out a pick up (at any time).

When you check in, if you use our meal plan, you’ll receive a meal card that you can use at the dining center. But, the dining center isn’t open all day long. If you arrive when it is closed and you’re hungry, you’ll have to find an alternative way to eat. Also, the dining center serves brunch on the weekends that doesn’t start until 11 o’clock.  This means that you might want to bring some quick breakfast food to make it until then.

Furthermore, the fridges that UND rents out don’t arrive for the first few days. In other words, you can’t keep cool foods in the dorms for the first few days.  This is most important with milk and such for children. If you need a fridge right away for health reasons, contact us.

If you are planning to go shopping to get supplies when you arrive such as linens, soap, etc. please plan to have enough time to do so before stores close. We try to help people the best we can, but if you arrive at 11pm without linens, there isn’t much we can do. Many stores are closed on Sunday mornings.

Many people have many questions before arrival.  Some things that you need not worry about until after you arrive are: ID cards, parking passes, WiFi access, registering for classes, buying textbooks, how to pay, etc.  We give you plenty of detailed information about these things when you arrive.

Sunday night there is a meeting for parents with children staying at SILUND. The meeting is important so we urge you to arrive in time for the meeting.

There are no classes on Monday, but that doesn’t mean it is a free day. There are meetings and enrollment that take place.  In other words, plan on Monday as a day full of registration, starting at 8:00am.

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