• Checkbook (with more than one check) or a way to get cash. We’re sorry, we can’t accept credit cards.
  •  Clothing
    • the weather can range from low 40s to high 90s, most days are in the 70s and 80s
    • umbrella or raincoat – it rains often
    • you’ll probably want active wear, including athletic shoes
    • UND has places for volleyball, Frisbee, soccer, handball, basketball, racquetball, and more (you might want to bring your own equipment)
    • formal attire isn’t required, but some find it useful
    • there’s quite a bit of closet/wardrobe space, but hangers aren’t provided
  • Bathroom/shower supplies 
  • Laundry
    • we pay a flat fee per person for the summer (no quarters required!)
    • laundry detergent
  • School supplies
    • you laugh, but my first summer I forgot to bring a backpack and notebooks
    • believe it or not, paper and pencils are still useful
  • UND ID card (if you have one from a previous year)
  • Electronics (if you have any of the following, it will be useful)
    • computer (any operating system; if a class requires software that only runs on Windows, there are other computers available to borrow)
    • network cable (there is wifi, but the wired connections are faster and more reliable)
    • SD flash card or USB memory stick (“thumb drive” or “jump drive” or whatever you call it)
    • cellphone
    • tablet
    • earbuds or headphones
    • internet filtering software, if you want it (the UND network is not filtered for content)
    • we have a printer, but bringing your own is good, too
    • tv, if you want
specifics for Smith hall (summer 2019):
  • co-ed floors means a bathrobe is a good idea between your room and the bathroom
  • no air conditioning in bedrooms means extra fans come in handy, both window and desk type
  • Bedding: pillows, sheets, blankets (pro-tip: bring a blanket that is good in cold and hot weather); or plan to rent from UND. The beds are extra long twin. Sometimes, couples put their beds together, then they need king-sized bedding.
  • Recording devices (video cameras, audio recorders)
    • if you already have them, bring them
    • if you don’t own them, don’t buy anything (you might not buy what you need), we have equipment for loan for classes
    • if you want to buy during the summer, we can advise you
  • Instruments you play
    • maybe you don’t want to play it this summer, but someone else might
    • we usually organize a small orchestra
  • Your passport
    • Canada is only 90 minutes away, but you need a passport to get in, and to get back to the U.S.
    • however, don’t plan a visit if you’re not a U.S. citizen–you might not get back in
  • Water bottle
    • we have water fountains and an ice machine, but a water bottle is nice
  • A lamp
    • your room does have a window, but the lighting is fluorescent. And you might have a different sleep pattern than your roommate
  • Immunization records
  • Passport or official copy of birth certificate
  • Any special sleeping or feeding equipment
  • Swim suit and play clothes for swimming, painting, arts and crafts, playing in the sand, outdoor sports, camping, etc.
  • Bikes, trikes, and other riding toys (safe to ride in our courtyard)
  • Videos to share with childcare groups (if you wish)
  • Disposable diapers (if not yet potty trained)
Things to leave at home (not allowed in UND residence halls)
  • Cooking equipment (the dorm has a kitchenette and microwave ovens for snacks)
  • Pets
  • Weapons
  • Tobacco and alcohol

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