Help spread the word about SIL-UND! We have two ready-to-print flyers in PDF format that you can download, duplicate, and distribute.

  • Full color (about 630kb): Duplicate these pages back-to-back, then fold in two with the SIL-UND logo and “Your summer of LINGUISTICS awaits” as the front page. Due to its expense, best to reserve it for people who already show some significant interest in taking SIL courses, e.g. in one-to-one contacts.
  •  Grayscale (about 330kb): Duplicate this page back-to-back and cut in half. Especially effective if you have colored paper that is close to the teal in our logo. Much less expensive to duplicate than the full-color one, thus suitable for mass distribution to classes or other larger groups of people who may be hearing about SIL for the first time.