(updated 2018-11-02)

SIL-UND uses this domain (silund.org) for hosting its primary website and for providing certain support services for its participants (students, staff and guests). We also maintain a separate set of web pages on UND’s website.

We follow the following privacy practices in the management of information we collect from users on both websites and from SIL-UND participants in the course of operating the SIL-UND program.

    • Cookies are used only as necessary to make the site function. We haven’t deliberately created any cookies ourselves, but the software used to build these sites (e.g. WordPress, phpBB, OmniUpdate) may do so, and so we ask users to accept cookies when they first visit the site. We also have no control over cookies that are used by sites that we link to (including YouTube, for embedded videos). To use our sites at all, cookies need to be accepted.
    • Information collected from SIL-UND students is subject to the U.S.A. Federal Education and Rights Privacy Act (FERPA) and will be handled in accordance with its provisions. FERPA-protected information may be shared with UND when needed to provide services to students, but not with other organizations or individuals except by permission of the student.
    • Comparable information about staff members is handled in essentially the same way as student information, except that it may also be shared with SIL International, since SIL-UND staff are also (for at least the duration of their staff service) staff of SIL International. In the case of SIL-UND staff who are loaned to it from other organizations, such information may also be shared with that staff member’s home (loaning) organization.
    • Directory information (name, address, phone, email) about SIL-UND participants (students, staff, guests) may be shared with outside individuals and organizations, unless participants request that it not be shared.
    • Sensitive information (especially Social Security Numbers) is collected and stored only by encrypted means, and the only people who have access to it are those SIL-UND staff members who need it for performance of their staff responsibilities.
    • All information collected from users on silund.org in connection with supplementary services (travel forum, email lists) is intended for use only for those services. SIL-UND will not share that information with outside organizations or individuals, and it requires users of those services not to do so either.

Some services on silund.org are private (the travel forum, SIL-UND info, e-mail announcement lists) and only available to participants in the current or upcoming summer session.

  • Access to these services is not granted until participation is confirmed. The username and password protecting these services is changed each year, to prevent users from continuing to access these services after they are no longer participants.
  • Reasonable precautions are taken to hide private services from visibility to the general public. For example, we don’t provide links to these services from our websites; the only people we tell about them are confirmed participants.
  • Access to the travel forum is protected by two layers of usernames and passwords and all information travels on a secure connection.
  • Users must provide their real name when subscribing to the summer-only announcement lists, so as to verify that they are truly participants in that session.
  • Once a summer session is over, information not relevant to later summer sessions
    (such as travel plans and requests, subscriptions to announcement lists) is erased.
    We try to retain information that may be useful in later summer sessions (such as individual usernames and passwords for the travel forum), but even this longer-term information is erased after 3-4 years of inactivity.

Any questions? Contact the SIL-UND Director.