from students

“This 9-week program is academically rigorous, and the atmosphere surrounding the academics is incredible. Professors and students live in the same dorms, eat meals together, and even play volleyball together. I’ve found that this proximity fosters academic discussions outside of class that can be just as enriching as the curriculum itself.”

“The student body is diverse, including people of different nationalities, both hearing and Deaf, single people and families.”

“SIL-UND is an affordable option for those who want to pursue a degree in linguistics but need to continue working throughout the year.”

“Wonderful program in every way. Excellent classes, with profs who are always available to chat or give you help when you need it! Classes are rigorous; you should come expecting to study hard! There is also childcare on-site and the staff are so professional and caring; I was nervous about how our toddler would adjust but she loved spending every day with her new friends!”

“The community is amazing here. SIL-UND is passionate about linguistics but more importantly they care about each other and support one another. This is one of the best communities I’ve been a part of!”

“My first summer at SIL UND was 2014 and I attended alone which meant leaving my three children with a family member. However, that summer I learned that SIL UND is a family of students and staff. There were plenty of children there and the child care was well done. The following summer I returned with my three children and my oldest son was able to work in the childcare program as staff. My other two children were in the program. They all had a wonderful time and we all made more friends! It was a very positive experience all around; life changing in the best way. I highly recommend SIL UND.”

“I had some of my best ever classroom experiences as a student there that summer. I already have an MS in Education and the teachers were tops! The balance between rigor and relaxation is unique.”

from program staff

“If I had to design an academic program from scratch, SIL-UND is exactly what it would look like: students and faculty coming together from all over the world—each bringing his or her own expertise and experience—and learning and exploring together.”

“It’s impossible to overstate the impact this program has had on my life, both as a student and as a teacher.”

“When I joined a dining-hall table and found myself in the middle of a lively discussion of verb classes, I knew I was teaching at the right place! When I had to play hopscotch over all the syntax trees chalked on the sidewalk outside the dorm, I really knew I was in linguistic heaven!”

“My students are serving linguistic minority communities all over the world. Where else could my teaching be that meaningful?”

“The people are what makes the program! Even for this introvert, it’s refreshing to live in community with people who have such a wide range of interests, experiences, and expertise.”

“I find every summer so stimulating because of the close interaction of staff and students—the days are long, but energizing.”

“SIL-UND is my Hogwarts.”

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