SIL-UND – pronounced ʔɛsajˈɛl juwɛnˈdi – is a fully accredited 9 week program that focuses on descriptive linguistics for spoken and signed languages.  SIL-UNDers head north every summer for the long days and (mostly) cool nights.  The sun comes up early and goes to bed late, so it’s always there to encourage us to work hard and play hard.  The program lasts only two months, but you can take a semester of undergraduate or graduate credit.

Here’s how Dan Eberle, one of our instructors (and a graduate of the M.A. program) describes it:


In short we…

  • are awesome.
  • have classes taught by active linguists.
  • prepare students to work with poorly documented languages.
  • have students do their own language documentation.
  • focus on how languages work as a whole.
  • have people from all backgrounds attending each summer.
  • are a close-knit community.
  • pack as much info into 9 weeks that we can.
  • are not for the faint of heart.

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